• What enables Islamic banks to contribute in global financial reintermediation?
    Pacific-Basin Finance Journal
    Abstract: Conventional banks which once were competing with non-banking financial institutions and capital markets today face the new challenge of being reintermediated by Islamic banks. Earlier...
  • A tripartite inquiry into volatility-efficiency-integration nexus - case of emerging markets
    Emerging Markets Review
    Abstract: The objective of this paper is to analyse the time-varying changes of the three parameters, volatility, efficiency and integration on stock markets across emerging markets. We do this...
  • To include or not to include? A poetics perspective on the Muslim workforce in the West
    Human Relations
    Abstract: Organizations in the West have to contend with an expanding Muslim workforce, an issue of considerable importance in contemporary workplaces. The dilemma of inclusion versus exclusion is...
  • Portfolio optimisation with high moments of risk at the Pakistan Stock Exchange
    Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja
    Abstract: Stock markets play an important role in spurring economic growth and development through diversification opportunities. However, diversification cannot be truly achieved if we continue to...
  • Fear of floating in Asia and the credibility of true floaters?
    Research in International Business and Finance
    Abstract: Quite often, countries commit to free floating exchange rate (ER) regimes but do not allow their ERs to float freely, exhibiting a fear of floating. We revisit ER regimes in Asia following...