• Intersectionality at Work: South Asian Muslim Women’s Experiences of Employment and Leadership in the United Kingdom
    Sex Roles
    Abstract: Drawing on qualitative interviews with 20 South Asian heritage, Muslim, female leaders, managers, and supervisors in the United Kingdom, we examine the multi-layered issues and challenges...
  • Comparative risk adjusted performance of Islamic, socially responsible and conventional funds: Evidence from United Kingdom
    Economic Modelling
    Abstract: This study investigates the risk and return characteristics of Islamic funds in comparison with SRI and the conventional open-end mutual funds for the UK, which, having attracted over £11...
  • Gendered work engagement: qualitative insights from Jordan.
    International Journal of Human Resource Management
    Abstract: Work engagement is assumed, implicitly, to be gender-neutral where women and men have equal opportunities to demonstrate their engagement in the workplace. This paper questions this...
  • Under western eyes: A transnational and postcolonial perspective of gender and HRD
    Human Resource Development International
    Abstract: Much of the critical research on human resource development (HRD) is positioned within Western constructions of knowledge and orthodoxy. Barring a few exceptions (e.g. there is little...
  • Contextualising diversity management in the Middle East and North Africa: a relational perspective
    Human Resource Management Journal
    Abstract: This study examines the clash between diversity policies as designed in the West and the challenges in implementing these in the Middle East and North Africa region. We contribute to the...