Research Unit (RU) is a new initiative in institutionalising research and knowledge generation at SDSB. This centre is expected to generate scholarship in strategic sectors including development (education management, health management, and entrepreneurship) and economic sectors (energy and water management, agribusiness, textiles, food, banking, sports goods and pharmaceuticals). The centre has engaged industry specialists and top SDSB faculty for achieving its objectives.



Our vision is to become an internationally renowned center of excellence in management and organizational research. At the same time, SSRU envisions to become a knowledge generating platform for sectors strategically important to the national economy.



Our mission is to support the SDSB faculty in generating and disseminating cutting edge theoretical and policy research.



Our objective is to publish research articles in leading academic journals. We also aim to publish rigorous and relevant policy papers for strategically important economic and social sectors. We aim to achieve these objectives by:
  1. Arranging journal and database subscriptions
  2. Providing infrastructural and logistical support for research related activities
  3. Providing editorial services
  4. Organizing weekly research seminars
  5. Establishing institutional research collaborations
  6. Developing institutional linkages with organizations operating in strategic sectors
  7. Inviting distinguished research scholars
  8. Hosting and participating in international research conferences
  9. Publishing quarterly research newsletter