• Developing a scale for service quality measurement in banks
    International Journal of Services and Operations Management (2016) Vol. 23 No. 2, pp 153-168.

    Abstract: Socio-cultural contexts determine different aspects of service quality; therefore, the definition of service quality varies from one setting to another. The measures of bank service...

  • Analysis of the efficiency-integration nexus of Japanese stock market
    Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications

    Abstract This paper attempts a novel approach in analysing the Japanese economy through a dual-dimension analysis of its stock market, examining the efficiency and market integration. Taking a...

  • Investor’s choice of Shariah compliant ‘replicas’ and original Islamic instruments
    Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

    Abstract This paper offers a behavioral perspective on why Islamic capital markets are dominated by those financial instruments that almost replicate conventional financial products (i.e....

  • Coverage, survivability or response time: A comparative study of performance statistics used in ambulance location models via simulation–optimization
    Operations Research for Health Care. Volume 11, December 2016, Pages 1–12

    Abstract: Rapid response to medical emergencies is one of the main goals of Emergency Medical Service (EMS) systems. Ability to provide timely response is affected by fleet size and the...

  • From Rhetoric to Reality: a Multilevel Analysis of Gender Equality in Pakistani Organizations
    Gender, Work & Organization

    Abstract Despite numerous governmental attempts to improve women's employment and equality in Pakistan, statistics suggest that these efforts have not been entirely fruitful. Steps taken by the...

  • Do Islamic stock indices perform better than conventional counterparts? An empirical investigation of sectoral efficiency. Review of Financial Economics
    Review of Financial Economics. 31 (2016) 108–114

    Abstract Literature is rife with studies on efficiency of stock markets and financial performance aspects. One such aspect is the measurement of sectoral efficiency amongst stock markets. While...