• Foundations of Relating: Theory and Evidence on the Formation of Street-Level Bureaucrats’ Workplace Networks
    Public Administration Review
    Abstract Despite the importance of peers in forming role expectations, fostering group identity, and facilitating job learning, limited theory and empirical evidence exist on the antecedents of...
  • The short-and long-run impacts of financial crises on youth unemployment in OECD countries
    Applied Economics
    Abstract The impact of financial crises on the youth unemployment rate (YUR), compared to the total unemployment rate (UR), is estimated for a panel of OECD countries over the period 1981–2009...
  • Investigating stock market efficiency: A look at OIC member countries
    Research in International Business and Finance. Volume 36, Pages 402–413
    Abstract: The tremendous growth of emerging and developing markets bring forth new arenas of research. One such area is the efficiency of stock markets. In light of the Efficient Market Hypothesis (...
  • Leveraging Values Diversity: The Emergence and Implications of a Global Managerial Culture in Global Organizations
    Management International Review. Volume 56, Issue 2, pp 227–254
    Abstract: The debate about divergence and convergence of managerial values has focused on the effect of macro-level influences on values. In contrast, little attention has been paid to micro-level...
  • Does Microfinance Enhance Gender Equity in Access to Finance? Evidence from Pakistan
    Feminist Economics. Volume 23, Issue 1, Pages 160-185
    Abstract: This paper descriptively analyzes longitudinal microfinance outreach numbers and interview data from 140 practitioners and borrowers in Pakistan to examine whether the claim that...